Shawn Boike
Medium Business Owner in Aerospace, Defense & Biomedical.
Shawn Boike has consulted & lead teams for; HCL Aerospace, PPG Aerospace, Honeywell, Boeing, AAR, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and McDonnel1 Douglas, the USAF’s IMIP.
He has over 28 years experience in Aerospace & Product Development, (16 Aircraft) on the B2 Bomber, USAF One, F20, F18, C17, MD11, T45, MD90, MRUAV, 777. 787, 747-8, Apache helicopter, 3 Rocket ships; ALS, Atlas II, Atlas IIAS, Manager on EV's; GM-EV1, Samsungs EV4, India’s Mina REVA and many other high tech programs. Founder of: American Industrial Consultants & Solution Vehicles Co. and gained a BSME from MSU and a MBA from San SDSU.
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