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Recreation Dog Park
5201 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

Long Beach's first dog park opened in 1996. It is located in an area between an 18-hole golf course and the FlyMore Casting Pond. It has since doubled in size because of its popularity. The park has watering stations, benches and tables and lots of space for dogs to run inside two separate fenced areas -- one for big dogs and the other for small ones. Bags and pooper-scoops are available. The park is lighted at night. Parking is limited, though, and its adjacent gravel lot can fill up quickly on weekends.

Here are the park rules:

  • Each dog must be under the control of an adult.
  • Only one dog per adult is permitted.
  • The dog must be under visual and voice control at all times.
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in provided containers.
  • Dogs must be older than 4 months, vaccinated and licensed.
  • Puppies younger than 4 months are not permitted for their and other dogs' protection.
  • Owners must have a leash. Dogs shall be on leashes whenever outside Dog Park/Zones.
  • No aggressive dogs.
  • Dog owners are legally responsible for injuries caused by their dog.
  • Professional dog trainers/handlers are not permitted to use the facility for instruction.
  • No female dogs in heat.
  • All dogs must wear a collar with current tags.
  • No spiked collars; they can hurt other dogs.
  • No food – human or dog – of any kind.
  • Owners shall provide drinking water for their dogs as needed.
  • Children must be supervised by adults.
  • Children are not permitted to run, shout, scream, wave arms or excite or antagonize dogs.
Beach Dog Zone (aka Rosie's Dog Beach)
Ocean Blvd., between Roycroft and Argonne, Long Beach, CA 90803

The Dog Zone is an off-leash recreation area for canines located on a stretch of  shore along Ocean Blvd.,More between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues.  It's not fenced in but is marked by signs and orange traffic cones. There are trash cans for disposal of dog waste inside the zone. Visitors  are encouraged to bring their own bags; there may be some bags and pooper scoops available.  Dogs are only allowed during scheduled hours and only in the zone and its access paths. Restrooms and drinking fountains are nearby, as is a snack bar that's open in the summer.

These are the city's rules for use of the zone:

A. The dog exercise area must be accessed from adjacent parking lot in 90-degree angle to the marked boundaries of the dog exercise area.

B. Each dog must be under the control of an adult, and only one dog per adult is allowed.  The dog must be under visual and voice control by the owner/guardian at all times. Dogs that do not respond to voice commands are not permitted.

C. All dogs must wear a collar with current tags.

D. All dogs must have current vaccinations and licenses.

E. As a condition of admission, the owner/guardian must use a suitable container or instrument to remove dog feces and must dispose of it in waste containers provided for that purpose.

F. Aggressive dogs are not permitted. Owners are legally responsible for any injury caused by their dogs.

G. Dogs shall not be left unattended.

H. Dogs under four (4) months old are not permitted.

I. Female dogs in heat are not permitted.

J. Professional dog trainers may not use the dog exercise area to conduct classes or individual instruction.

K. Children shall be accompanied by an adult and shall not run, shout, scream, wave their arms, or otherwise excite or antagonize dogs.

L. Bicycles, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, strollers, and the like, are not permitted. Wheelchairs and other aids for the disabled are permitted.

M. Spiked collars on dogs are not permitted.

N. The owner/guardian of a dog must have in his/her possession a leash for the dog which shall be worn by the dog at all times that the dog is ingressing/egressing the dog exercise area.

O. Dog owners/guardians shall provide drinking water for their dogs.

P. No food of any kind is permitted in the dog exercise area during the designated hours.

Q. Dog owners/guardians shall otherwise comply with all rules governing the beaches and relevant parking regulations.

R. No one shall play any team sport including but not limited to football, baseball, soccer, rugby and volleyball during the designated dog exercise hours. The use of a frisbee or a small, retrievable ball is permitted.

S. Use of the dog exercise area by the dog shall constitute implied consent of the dog's owner to all regulations and shall constitute a waiver of liability to the City of Long Beach and an agreement to protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Long Beach, its officials and employees for any injury or damage caused by a dog when the dog is not on a leash. 

DOG OWNERS WHO FAIL to comply with the regulations set forth by Ordinance may be cited. Citations may be written by: Animal Control Officers, Police Officers, Marine Patrol Officers, Park Rangers and/or Lifeguards.

Tidy Dog
4110 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803
Tidy Dog a family-friendly self-serve dog wash that everyone enjoys, including the family dog, who's washed by a familyMore member instead of a stranger (although full-service grooming is also available). Professional equipment is provided at low cost. 
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