Lemonade Day 28: Sunny Summer Sunday in Long Beach, CA

When life gives you lemons, make Community Lemonade in Long Beach with me. Day 28 - I made Spaghetti in Meatballs and spoke to my sister about her fun day (while watching her budget) in Long Beach.


. I'm taking the opportunity of this unplanned time off to connect with the many artists and creators in this wonderful city that I love. Come with me on my 100-day odyssey - a scavenger hunt for art, creativity and community in Long Beach, CA.  I call it .

Today was Day 28 of Making Lemonade.  Long Beach, through the eyes of my - budget conscious - sister, who visited with her family and foreign exchange student from Italy.

My creative exercise today was to make Spaghetti IN Meatballs, following the Instructable that I received by email today.  However, I had to purchase the meat for the recipe, so I didn't think it qualified for the post.  Still, I will include photos and reactions for your interest. (Note: I followed the intent, not the recipe, so our experience will be different from that of someone following the recipe.)  It's probably going to be better than Meat B.  Meat B was my experiment several years ago of writing letters with raw meat loaf before baking... in our case, the letter B.  What can I say?  It wasn't too appetizing, but we still laugh at the concoction.

Today, I write about my sister Maggie's Lemonade experience in Long Beach with husband Jim, daughter Sarah and exchange student Chiara from Milan, Italy. 

My sister is budget minded, a coupon shopper extraordinaire.  She introduced me to Groupon some time ago.  I use it occasionally, she uses it a lot.  She likes trying things out, having fun and sometimes luxury experiences, all at the lowest possible prices.  Of course, when you host an exchange student, you want to show her around.  

We met up this evening after their Sunny Summer (Budget) Sunday in Long Beach.  She shared their Lemonade for four, with prices and photos.  I will share with you.

Parking at the Aquarium of the Pacific ($6.00 with aquarium validation)

1:00 PM Aquarium of the Pacific

Two for one from the Entertainment book.  With a two for one coupon, you don't feel bad about spending just a couple of hours poking around at the aquarium and checking out the exhibits.  They loved the new penguin exhibit, birds in the Lorikeet Forest, took photos of my favorite (the Leafy Sea Dragons), did a photo collage of the jellies (I love the awesome jellies too!) and checked out the shark eggs that will hatch in November. $25.95 per person, buy 2 get 2 free.  Nectar for birds, $4.00

If you'd like to check in on the Aquarium activity from your desktop, you can visit one of the aquarium's many webcam sites. 

Note: For those living in the Los Angeles area, especially those with young kids, you might want to consider a Family membership, as the cost is only $115.00 and includes your children under age 18.

3:00 PM Wheel Fun

Had a Groupon purchased at $15.00 for $30.00 value.  They rented a 6 person surrey for an hour.  It was enough time to ride on the bike path almost all the way to Belmont Pier and back.

4:10 PM Funnel House

Enjoyed free music at Shoreline Village, while splitting a delicious funnel cake Sundae, $8.95 and an iced, Lime Jolly Rancher $4.  Funnel Sundae included strawberries, powdered sugar and any flavor ice cream.

4:35 PM Aquabus to Queen Mary (and back at 5:50 PM)

$1.00 fare each way per person.  The Aquabus is a water taxi with five stops in the Long Beach Harbor.  Aquarium of the Pacific at Dock 4, Queen Mary, Shoreline Village at Parker's Lighthouse, Pine Ave Circle at Dock 7 and the Hotel Maya.  They caught it at Parker's Lighthouse, enjoyed the boat ride, walked around the Queen Mary area and returned on the Aquabus. 

Note: They didn't actually go onto the Queen Mary, as they had not prepared for the admission fee, new as of a month ago. 

Hey, there's going to be an Art Deco Festival at the Queen Mary at the end of August!

Total Cost for four: 6+51.90+4+15+12.95+8 = $97.85

Penguin Note: You may have noticed that this could easily have been an all day experience, with little additional cost if you packed a picnic lunch and ate it on the green at the Shoreline Aquatic Park, very close to the Aquarium.

Tidbits, Things, Trails

  • A new trail, the Queen Mary, "Original 1930’s artwork, Art Deco décorand operable portholes create a unique hotel experience unlike any other in Southern California." AND The Art Deco Festival.
  • The meatballs were made with ground chicken and were AMAZING!  The recipe I used was very simple.  1 lb meat, add 2 eggs, 1 end of bread, toasted and shredded.  Sprinkle powdered garlic and black pepper.  Add whatever cheese you can place your hands on (I had cheddar, a little bit of mozzarella, an end of asiago.)

Next up?   

Gosh, I don't know!  We'll have to see tomorrow!

Want more lemonade?    

Need to contact me?  info@handmadepenguin.com

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