Fido, Party of Two? City Celebrates its New Doggy Dining Policy

Al Fresco, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster will join pooches and their escorts in a gathering at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Now that four-legged friends are allowed to dine out on the patios of Long Beach's restaurants, anyone - hint puparazzi - can get the visual at the downtown Kress Market late Wednesday morning.

Starting at 11 a.m., a celebration marking the L.A. City Council’s July 24 decision to adopt a new policy on dogs in outdoor dining patios will draw dogs, their owners and Mayor Bob Foster to the Kress Market, located at 443 Pine Ave.

It's a move already taken by other counties in California, including Santa Barbara and Marin.

Of course, not all restaurants are required to comply. Participating establishments must display a “Dog-Friendly Patio” sign, as well as follow certain sanitation and hygienic practices, according to the City of Long Beach web site.

While it may negate the need for doggie bags to take home table scraps to pooch, there will be new rules for those wishing to bring their furry friends along to dine out. The Health Department offers the following tips:

Plan Your Dining Experience:

  • Call ahead to find out if the restaurant allows dogs on the outdoor dining patio. 
  • Feed your dog before you dine. A full dog is less likely to wander off in search of a snack.  
  • Take your dog for a walk before you dine so he is relaxed while you enjoy your meal. 
  • Pack a water bowl and treats for your dog. 

At the Restaurant:

  • Follow the restaurant’s rules for dogs on the outdoor dining patio. 
  • Make sure your dog is well-behaved around other people, especially children. 
  • Do not take your dog into the restaurant to get to the patio. 
  • Do not allow your dog to sit on the chairs, tables or countertops. 
  • Put your dog on a leash tied to a chair. A dog tied to a table can result in spilled drinks if the dog is strong enough to move the table.   
  • Keep your dog close so that he is not in the path of servers or other patrons.  
  • Bring treats for your dog instead of feeding him or her from your plate. 
  • Dogs are not permitted to eat or drink from restaurant dishware. Ask a server for a disposable cup or bowl. 
  • Clean up after your dog. Notify the restaurant staff if they need to do any additional cleanup.

For more information about the new policy, click here.

Natasha October 18, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Has there been a list provided of all the restaurants that have made their patio "dog friendly"?


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