When Do You Go Back to School in Belmont Shore?

Long Beach Unified has varied schedules but Naples and Shore schools are on classic calendars.

We don't want to buzz kill summer by thinking too soon about school starting, but at some point soon you will wonder: what's that date again?

Classes start in Belmont Shore and Naples schools on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012 of the week beginning with Labor Day (Sept. 3). Schedules are usually shortened in the first week, depending on whether you are at Lowell Elementary, Naples Elementary, Fremont Elementary, Rogers Middle School or the high schools-- Wilson, Poly, CAMS or Renaissance are the primary campuses for our local teens.

It is usually in October, a month into school, when attendance numbers are considered final in , said spokesman Chris Eftychiou, adding:

"We have 83,000 at last count, but we may see another decline this fall.  We usually wait one month after school starts to determine our "official" enrollment."

We at Patch hope you will share your first-day-of-school photos in our gallery of the neighborhood's memorable student moments. And if you have back to school photos from days of yore, post those as well.


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