LBUSD Truancy Rates Among Highest in L.A. County (Map)

Cabrillo High School sees a truancy rate 47 percent higher than the state average.

By Dan Abendschein

The number of students absent from school without an excuse within the Long Beach Unified School District in 2011-12 was among the highest in the county, according to recently released state figures.

According to those figures, 43.5 percent of LBUSD students were truant at least once in 2011-12.  That compares with 32.4 percent of students in L.A. County and a 28.5 percent average statewide.

Cabrillo High School clocked in the highest rate for a high school in the district with a 75.8 percent truancy rate. 

Truancy rates for each school can be found in the database above.

The data comes from a report issued in April by the California Department of Education, which looks at suspensions, expulsion and truancy at schools across the state.  More data on the subject can be found at the state's website under the 'Expulsion, Suspension and Truancy' category.

How to Use the Above Map and Form

The above map shows the truancy rate for each unified school district in the county.  Districts that service just one level of school are not pictured on the map.  Clicking on each district gives the suspension rate, expulsion rate, truancy rates and more.

The map is color-coded with the greener shades having lower rates than the state average, the yellows and orange around or between the county and state average and the red's above both county and state average.

The database below the map allows you to look up more data for each school district or for any individual school in the county.  Be sure to use just one of the two categories to search; use either 'district' or 'school,' not both.

On the list of schools the database shows, schools in green have truancy rates at least 10 percent below the state average, while yellow schools are within 10 percent and red ones at least 10 percent above.

Please note the raw figures for suspensions show the number of students suspended not the total number of suspensions -- some students were suspended more than once.
Wilson Teacher July 17, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Perhaps the LBUSD does a better job in accurately recording absences.
Belinda Berry July 17, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Exactly as above! Does the data include comparing methods of tracking truancy between all the districts in the county? As a teacher and parent, I know that record keeping is up to the attendance clerk. However, that person must have accurate information via teacher's records, doctor notes, and parent notes. It is a cumbersome job!! If any one of those links are missing, the student is counted as truant. And, is the data reflecting truant all day, or truant for one or more classes? A lot needs to be factored in. At Jefferson, where I teach, the system is rigorous! What about other schools??? You can get data to reflect just about anything you want!


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