'A Child Left Behind' Critiques L.A. Education

The Beverly Hills Playhouse hosts a one-man show starring an LAUSD teacher.

Alan Aymie delivers a solo performance that addresses "the problematic legacy of the No Child Left Behind Act" and "takes critical aim at the ways under-resourced educational institutions fail those they’re meant to serve—in particular, disadvantaged and special needs students," according to a Los Angeles Times theater review.

In , Aymie fuses his teaching experience in some of the city's most underachieving elementary schools with the learning difficulties confronted by his son, who has Aspberger's syndrome, into a poignant narrative on the shortfalls faced by educators and students amid the current climate of budgetary shortfalls and standardized tests.

"Aymie proves a first-rate educator here, making a cogent and compelling case that when it comes to educating children, numbers don’t tell the whole story," The review states. "The piece aches with vivid descriptions of life behind a teacher’s desk in an underprivileged community where the celebrity parents are gang leaders, and advancing to sixth grade is a bad career move for youths (if they live long enough)."

Paul Stein directs for the Katselas Theatre Company. Aymie wrote A Child Left Behind, and a portion of ticket proceeds benefits .

A show takes place 8 p.m. Saturday at the , 254 S. Robertson Blvd., according to the KTC website, which has ticket information. The play closes July 21.

Click here to read the entire Times review.

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