Unemployment in Long Beach Close to County Rate

The jobless rate in both the city and county are in the single digits.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Los Angeles County decreased to 9.2 percent in December, down from a revised 9.5 percent in November, the state Employment Development Department announced today.

The 9.2 percent unemployment rate was below the 10.3 percent rate in December 2012, according to the EDD.

In Long Beach the unemployment rate stood at 9.7 percent, only slightly higher than the overall county percentage, according to the EDD monthly statistics.

California's jobless rate was 8.3 percent in December, down from 8.5 percent in November and below the 9.8 percent rate in December 2012, according to the EDD.

The comparable estimates for the nation were 6.7 percent in December, 7 percent in November and 7.8 percent a year ago.

Total nonfarm employment increased by 1,400 jobs in Los Angeles County between November and December to reach nearly 4 million. The trade, transportation and utilities sector accounted for the bulk of the increase, adding 4,900 jobs, while the information sector dropped 3,700 jobs, according to the EDD.

A total of 458,000 people were unemployed in December in Los Angeles County, which has a labor force of nearly 5 million. Statewide, 1.5 million people were unemployed, down slightly from November.

-- City News Service and Patch Staff

John B. Greet January 28, 2014 at 01:22 PM
Sounds hopeful doesn't it? Unfortunately these numbers do not account for the tens of thousands of state, county, and city residents who have long since given up looking for work altogether. These people (reflective of the labor participation rate) are typically no longer counted. Because they are no longer counted, the rates typically reported do not accurately reflect the true unemployment situation. ------------------------------------------------------------------- According to EDD, in December the California labor force *shrunk* by 23,900 people and unemployment insurance claims *increased* by 31,221. Put simply: 13,600 (the *actual* number of non-farm jobs added) minus 23,900 is a net *loss* of 10,300 employed persons...not a net gain. But this is not the sort of factual perspective the Democrat-controlled state government wants to include in its press releases.


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