Berth 55 Businesses Get Reprieve to 2013

Unofficial report Thursday: Long Beach Sportfishing and the other dozen small businesses, including a family-run fish market of decades in the Port of Long Beach, will not be evicted before 2013.

A source very close to Patch fishing columnist Phil Friedman says that an official meeting took place Thursday that buys several months time for Long Beach Sportfishing and the Berth 55 small businesses.

The future of the Berth 55 fish market, cafe and other commercial and passenger charter boats who work off the waterfront near the future Middle Harbor construction project remains unclear beyond 2013. And the source said it was not certain how long in 2013 before the businesses might be evicted.

The long-term future, sources said, is still in doubt. Port of Long Beach officials could not immediately be reached after hours.

Berth 55 is the tenant who subleases to about a dozen small o-perators on the waterfront. The Berth 55 tenant is a family that has run their operation for 40-plus years.

It is undisputed that they were given an eviction notice previously that would have the businesses forced to move--that is, Long Beach Sportfishing and the Berth 55 seafood market--on October 30. If an extension is granted, that would give both the aforementioned entities as well as several other Berth 55 small businesses time to continue talks. 

For the background on this controversial situation click here and here.

To read more on this latest development, go to Phil Friedman Outdoors.

Save Berth 55 September 14, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Although this may seem like good news, beyond the fact that Berth 55 has been offered a short term reprieve, there are many details to work out to make this a viable possibility. Berth 55 has been given an opportunity to stay open past its expected shut down date and that is a necessary step in continuing the efforts to save the public access to the Port, the businesses and the jobs they create. Efforts to save Berth 55 are still very much ongoing and we ask the public to continue to make your voices heard as the process continues. We do not wish to minimize the Port's acknowledgement of the public voice in the matter and we appreciate the gesture and all who played a part in the decision, It appears the Port's goal to close the businesses at some future date remains the same. The release of this information is only intended to notice our customers that we may still be open for an undetermined period beyond the well documented shut down of October 19.


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