Viral Video of LB Police Confrontation with Man Making the Rounds

Months after it happened, video of Long Beach officers striking and shocking a man have resurfaced and reignited calls for action. But criticism may be aimed at the wrong city.

Screen shot from a Youtube video that shows Long Beach Police officers confronting a man in the middle of the street.
Screen shot from a Youtube video that shows Long Beach Police officers confronting a man in the middle of the street.

Cell phone video shot last year of police striking and shocking a man who can be seen lying in the middle of the street is making the rounds on social media again.

Only this time the video has been misidentified as being recently taken in Carson. The video is, in fact, from Long Beach and features officers from the beachside town.

Missing are the Khaki-colored uniforms worn by Sheriff’s deputies who patrol the city of Carson and most of its neighboring cities.

Long Beach and Belmont Shore patches reported the story in September 2013. According to the article  the “video was shot around 6 p.m. Monday in the 300 block of South Street when police tried to arrest the man.”

The incident was under investigation, Long Beach officials had said.

It’s not surprising that the video is being misidentified even four months later, a spokesman with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s said late Thursday. It happens from time to time, the spokesman said. But they have not had angry calls or messages sent specifically on this incident.

Meantime, Long Beach and its police department is dealing with other brutality allegations. On Jan. 22 the Los Angeles Times reported that Long Beach city officials agreed to pay a man $380,000 after officers Tasered and beat him with flashlights when he asked for an officer’s badge number.

According to the Times report, “A jury found that officers had arrested Perry Grays without probable cause and used excessive and unreasonable force against him, and awarded him $441,000.”

The City Council has since approved the settlement amount, according to the report.

John B. Greet January 24, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Yes, this video was clearly of LBPD, not LASD-Carson. Although it certainly could still have been filmed *in* Carson (although it wasn't) since LBPD pursuits can often end in other neighboring jurisdictions. Do we know the results of the investigation into this incident?


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