Newest Photos, Timeline: Christopher Dorner Manhunt

Just released security photos of Dorner, some yearbook mugs and the scene Patch caught outside while police search the LaPalma home of Dorner's mother.

Law-enforcement remains Friday night on the a former LAPD officer who is suspected of committing three revenge killings in retaliation for his firing from the department. The latest from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and elsewhere:

Dorner's mother has a mountain cabin that was searched,and investigators say they are not sure Dorner is still in the area. But the hunt goes on, and ski areas are back open for business. Irvine police released January, 2013 surveillance photos of Dorner from an Orange County hotel, which may be the most recent view of the suspect. They were released so the public will have the most current photo possible. 

On Friday, investigators armed with a search warrant combed the La Palma home of Dorner's mother (see photos). The focus of the search for Christopher J. Dorner was still in the Big Bear area, where San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials said they were searching 200 unoccupied cabins. Dorner's car was found Thursday morning destroyed by fire. Authorities searched all Thursday night for Dorner, including hundreds of house-to-house visits.

Map Dorner's Suspected Trek in California

Here is a timeline of several events surrounding Dorner’s case:

  • October 11, 2011: Dorner's lawsuit against the LAPD is filed regarding his dismissal.
  • Jan. 21, 2013: A Chris Dorner Facebook page is created that included several pictures of the former officer in LAPD uniform, and in military wear. Eventually it would include what is now known as his manifesto in which he explains who his targets are and why he feels wronged. (January 22 is when the photos were loaded). It's since been taken down.
  • Jan. 28: Photos of Dorner at an Orange County hotel are captured on surveillance video, still shots of which Irvine Police Department release Feb. 8, though no city is mentioned.
  • Late January/early February: Media including TV show host Anderson Cooper report receiving odd packages from Dorner.
  • Feb. 1: At 9:28 p.m. a TMZ video shows Dorner buys scuba gear including three oxygen tanks that he has filled at Sports Chalet in Torrance, according to police, who've confirmed it is Dorner on the surveillance video.
  • Feb. 2: Dorner's last day as a Navy reservist.
  • Feb. 3: In the morning, Dorner may have been at his ex-wife's Long Beach residence, her next door neighbor tells Patch.
  • Feb. 4: At 9:20 p.m. Monica Quan, a basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton and former star athlete at Walnut High School and Long Beach State, and her fiancée Keith Lawrence, were found shot dead in his vehicle. It was on the top level of a parking structure near their high-security Irvine apartment.
  • Feb. 6: Dorner is named as the suspect in the death of Quan and Lawrence. Details of Dorner’s vendetta begin to emerge, including Dorner's manifesto that Irvine police say he posted Monday implicating himself.
  • Feb. 6: San Diego County officials say they suspect Dorner tried to steal a boat from an 81-year-old man at Point Loma late that night. Reports were that he was unable to start the boat. 
  • Feb. 7: About 2 a.m. Thursday, a witness in the area reported finding a badge and briefcase that appeared to belong to Dorner; federal affidavit states Dorner ID found San Ysidro-Mexico border.
  • Feb. 7: About 1:20 a.m. Thursday, a gray Nissan Titan pickup truck was spotted in the Corona area by a resident who alerted a pair of LAPD officers en route to protect a targeted person named in the manifesto. The officers were trying to catch up to the vehicle near Interstate 15 and Magnolia Avenue when Dorner allegedly opened fire on them, grazing one officer in the head.
  • Feb. 7: Shortly after the first shooting, Dorner reportedly ambushed two Riverside Police officers while they were stopped at a red light in the area of Magnolia and Arlington avenues. An 11-year veteran of the force was killed. The second officer was seriously injured.
  • Feb. 7: At 5:30 a.m. Officers from the Los Angeles and Torrance police departments each shoot at two pickup trucks they each mistakenly believe is Dorner's, after hearing over their radios that he may be coming their way. Two women are injured in the first shooting.
  • Feb. 7: About 8:30 a.m., Dorner’s burned out truck was found in the area of Forest Road 2N10 and Club View in Big Bear Lake. About 2:30 p.m., deputies were able to confirm the vehicle belonged to Christopher Dorner.
  • Feb. 7: Early in the afternoon that Thursday, a person who possibly aided Dorner's getaway, who has a relative with a Big Bear cabin, is spotted in Costa Mesa, federal investigators allege.
  • Feb. 7: A Christopher Dorner Facebook fan page is created, calling the triple-murder suspect a "hero."
  • Feb. 8: San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials conducted on all night search of several hundred empty mountain cabins in Big Bear Lake. By Friday morning it was not clear if Dorner was in the area. The incident prompted the closing of the local school district.
  • Feb. 8: Officials in other states are on high-alert, including in Pensacola, Florida, and Enid, Oklahoma, places where the accused triple-murderer Dorner's manifesto said he's lived, as well as Las Vegas, where he was briefly married and where Dorner owns two homes, the Orange County Register reported.
  • Feb. 8: In LaPalma, investigators bearing a search warrant combed through the home of Dorner's mother. (See our photos).
  • Feb. 10: L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Dorner, saying the money came from ``business, unions, government, law enforcement and community groups."
  • Feb. 10: A report of a Dorner sighting draws LAPD, which locks down the Lowe's in Northridge, proves wrong.
  • Feb. 11: Dorner is charged in court with a count of murder in Riverside police officer Crain's slaying and three counts of attempted murder for his partner's wounding plus firing into a vehicle carrying two others. 
  • Feb. 11: A federal affidavit is made public in which the U.S. Marshal states that Dorner may have had help in eluding the dragnet once his truck was found burned on a forest road. And that "probable cause" exists suggesting Dorner is in Mexico to evade arrest.

--City News Service contributed to this report.

Some Long Beach connections to the Dorner manhunt 

jay hatfield February 09, 2013 at 11:15 AM
I dont necessarily condone violence, but how else was this man supposed to be heard. The system in this country is so broken that this man who tried to stand up for what was right is absolutely villified for it and had his life ruined. He had the fortitude to try to stand up against the beating of a restrained man who had dementia, and by blowing the whistle on an absolutely corrupt L.A.P.D. he was fired and had his career ruined. He tried his best to be heard and clear his name of this wrongdoing in every court in CA, but nobody would listen. In the current system police are allowed to do whatever they want with no oversight or fear because nobody can or will speak up against them. There are few honest cops who truly want to help, especially on that force. They are given power over others and that power is often misused. Its sad it had to get to this, but as long as Dorner is only taking out cops he's hard to root against. I wish i thought this would truly bring about change, but the current regime is so well entrenched nothing will change. The police will shoot more innocent people (the two trucks they shot up were the wrong make and color), which just proves the moronic L.A.P.D's shoot first ask later policy. The two women shot by the cops are the only ones i feel sorry for. Please hear Dorners plea and realize the curent cop culture for what it is, and lets pray someday right can be done before it gets pushed this far again.
john l lard February 09, 2013 at 07:50 PM
jay hatfield you are an idiot, he killed three innocent victims and your comments are why america is lacking.
Nancy Wride (Editor) February 09, 2013 at 09:34 PM
Let's stop the insults, but keep a conversation. I agree with John that three people who did not cause anyone harm have been killed. I am also interested in the sympathy a number of people feel toward Dorner with respect to his expressed feeling of being wrongly and unfairly dismissed from his job. Almost any job I can think of would potentially pose these career risks if a supervisor were reported to have done wrong, and there was no recorded proof. It seems especially so in law enforcement and in the military. And its been reported that he made the accusation about his training officer the day after learning he was receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation, and a couple of weeks after the alleged excessive force. Thoughts?
K.Brunette February 09, 2013 at 11:58 PM
Rule of the Land: "Don't EVER Tell the King He's Naked" I had the discussion with my spouse, as we have seen firing for whistle-blowing in our profession. Whether Dorner's dismissal is justified or not, I question the due diligence of both the Navy/military and LAPD in addressing/managing Dorner's obvious mental health issues. What is their fiduciary responsibility to their staff, particularly post-dismissal? All of America will benefit by committing to an ongoing dialog addressing mental health. Remove it from the stigma and taboo in our GLOBAL society. THAT's the discussion we should be having here. We need more celebrities and leaders stepping up to the microphone and camera to "call-out" for a national, ongoing commitment focusing on mental health counseling, not just a PR campaign.
M Sterris February 10, 2013 at 02:18 AM
Whether or not the situation was justified or not has nothing to do with Monica and Keith being murdered. There are not just cops being killed. They were two young people totally innocent. He murdered them in cold blood to get back at her Father because he did not win the case hen they went to court. 1. Read and know the facts 2. there is no hero where Dorner is concerned Mr. Hatfield perhaps it is the our that you are writing but you do not have the facts at all. You need to look at a picture of Monica and Keith and ell me why they needed to die , just going home from an evening out? Do you really think that needed to be done? If so please see K Brunette posting as you seriously should consider talking with someone. I do not mean that in a mean way at all. But I have a daughter 27 yrs. old who is engaged who was friends with Monica. People with your train of thought scare me. The pain this man has caused has nothing to do with LAPD.
John B. Greet February 10, 2013 at 04:13 AM
1. Many people (cops included) are disciplined at work and many people (cops included) are dismissed during their probationary periods or at other times in their careers. How many of these go on sprees of mass murder? 2. Non-probationary cops who are dismissed from their jobs have a right to appeal & have their cases reviewed by civilian oversight panels. In Long Beach, that takes the form of the civilian Civil Service Commission which has the authority to reverse the Chief's decision. In Los Angeles there is surely a similar civilian "court of last resort". 3. Probationary police officers understand that they can be dismissed at any time, with or without cause, during their probationary period. This is part of why completing one's probationary period is often more significant to most cops than is their academy graduation day. 4. Basic police training in California is among the best in the nation and, by law, is standardized throughout the State. Cities and counties spend a great deal of time, talent, public funds and effort to identify qualified candidates and provide this training. Because this is so, every CA department I know of goes to great efforts to *retain* rather than dismiss borderline recruits. Unfortunately some recruits just cannot be saved. Being washed out of an FTO program is never just cause to plot and then initiate a campaign of domestic terrorism against one's former employer and any innocents who happen to get in they way.
Lee a February 10, 2013 at 04:23 PM
As a mother who can relate to injustice and not being able to be heard I believe God aloud something's to happen to deter people in high places not to be able to take advantage of the law. The word of God says if my people would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked way and pray then will we hear from heaven. My heart goes out to all the lives that were lost and people that got in way of such rage. A lot of people saw judges, policemen, prosecutors and lawyers as people who stand up for justice. We as a people need to get a little more justice back into the judicial system and then God will heal the land. I say to the family's who lost their love one my prays are with u. I say to the people that where shot in the cross firer God is with u and I pray for your speedy recovery. I say to the law enforcement officers and prosecutors u have two jobs and one is to do JUSTICE! As a mother of a son who Injustice was done to I say to Mr. Dorner's mother my heart goes out to u but u need to cry out to your son to turn his self in so that justice will be reveal in this whole matter. Then God can heal the land. "JUSTICE DELAYED IS NOT JUSTICE DIENED". MR DORNER I am not your mother but please turn yourself in, and God can begin to heal the land. Please no more bloody killing. Let go and let God.
Panglonymous February 10, 2013 at 09:35 PM
Mayor Villaraigosa, in offering a $1M reward, just used the expressions: "for information leading to his capture" and "bring him to justice." Given his express homicidal intentions, under what circumstances would Dorner be allowed to surrender unharmed to answer for the murder charges already alleged?
Nancy Wride (Editor) February 10, 2013 at 09:37 PM
Good question. Live press conference was cut off on KCAL, I was told.
Panglonymous February 10, 2013 at 10:17 PM
Another. Are officers ever under *explicit* orders to kill on sight? Is that something that could be recorded in a log? The two incidents in the South Bay where citizens were misidentified and assaulted without warning beg the question.
Sara C. February 10, 2013 at 10:25 PM
At this point the smartest thing Mr. Dorner could do is exactly what Jerry Rosenberg did in 1962. He should show up unarmed at the L.A. times and turn himself in. There is no chance of cops bringing him alive unless he is surrounded by the media. The cops will do anything to silence him at this point. He should be made to pay for the killing of the two innocent people that started this manhunt, but he should also make sure that now that he has the spotlight he can tell his story and force change in the corrupt police culture in the right way. The police involved in the wrongdoings that started this need to be arrested as well, along with the officers who decided to shoot innocent people just because they were driving trucks. There is little more terrifying than having the streets full of nervous corrupt cops. There is no denying the reprehensible killings of the young woman and her husband are truly a tragedy that he must answer for, but the only way for him to do any good from this would be to turn himself in.
Panglonymous February 10, 2013 at 10:54 PM
Chief Beck designated his acts domestic terrorism - which puts him in a whole nuther category with respect to due process, I suppose.
Panglonymous February 10, 2013 at 11:32 PM
CNN: "In an interview aired Sunday on CNN affiliate KCBS, Beck called Dorner a 'trained assassin' but said he wouldn't be harmed if he gave himself up. 'If you turn yourself in, then you will be safe and nobody else has to die,' he said. 'If you don't, if you decide to try to take the life of another Los Angeles police officer or their family member, then you'll have to suffer the consequences.'"
Lee a February 11, 2013 at 12:16 AM
Justice is going to be done know matter what, but if this don't deter In house judial misconduct . Tell the truth the whole truth so help us God, put the bible back in school and the court house and God will heal the land. I pray that this man turn his self in because he a savior through eternal life through Jesus Christ. Amen


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