Steel Beam Falls onto 405 Freeway from Construction Site in Seal Beach

The beam fell from the site of a new connector between the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway and the 405.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

All lanes of the San Diego (405) Freeway were closed down in Seal Beach for several hours this morning after a steel beam fell from a construction site in a mishap that left two workers hurt, one seriously, authorities said.

The accident was reported around 2:45 a.m., according to Caltrans, and a SigAlert for the northbound and southbound lanes was declared at 4:15 a.m. The northbound lanes were reopened shortly after 7 a.m., and the southbound lanes were reopened about an hour later, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The beam fell from the site of a new connector between the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway and the 405.

Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi said a 54-year-old man who fell about 25 feet was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The worker had been on the beam when it fell, and he landed on the road, away from it, a Caltrans spokesman told ABC7.

The second worker, age 46, suffered "moderate" abdominal and chest injuries as a result of being struck several times in the upper torso by the beam, Concialdi said.

The beam was about 140 feet long and weighed 60,000 pounds, according to Caltrans. What caused it to fall was not immediately clear.

--City News Service

Mrs. Fanny Farkel June 18, 2014 at 04:13 PM
I have been in the industry a long time and alcohol is not a problem on these sites because we all like to stay alive. If you drink on a site you are fired. Had you said drugs I would have kept my mouth shut because the night shift may lend itself to stimulant use. These workers are likely union and are subject to random testing. This sounds like an accident plain old fashioned accident I hope the worker that fell makes a full and speedy recovery.
The Hunter June 18, 2014 at 04:14 PM
Bea, that is not the same thing as CalTrans workers being drunk at work & causing an accident! Do you really think a drunk driver crashed into the steel beam while they were working on it, causing it to fall?
The Hunter June 18, 2014 at 04:16 PM
Mrs. FF, I'm sure Brian will claim that HE was a CalTrans worker for years, and everyone was drunk on the job. He is always making claims that he is an expert on every subject, whether it be restaurant ownership, being a landlord, etc.
The Beast ! June 18, 2014 at 04:52 PM
I was implying that a drunk driver may have caused this issue. My prayers are heart goes out to our Cal Trans workers.
The Hunter June 20, 2014 at 01:23 PM
Did you read the article? It says " What caused it to fall was not immediately clear." Do you think it would be "immediately clear" if a drunk driver caused the accident?


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