Update: Long Beach Police Involved in Shooting, Suspect Allegedly Fired at Officers

Westbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway were closed after midnight as the shooting was investigated.

Updated 11:00 a.m., April 19:

A man fatally shot another man near a Long Beach gas station today, then fired at a Long Beach police patrol car and was critically wounded when two officers fired back, authorities said.

The first shooting occurred shortly after midnight near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Pacific Avenue, Long Beach police spokeswoman Lisa Massacani said.

"Officers were in the area, and they heard the shots fired,'' Massacani said.

The officers went to the location and saw the suspect walking away from the scene, Massacani said. As an officer was stopping the patrol car, the suspect fired at least two rounds at the vehicle, one bullet hit the windshield and another the hood, according to a statement from Long Beach police.

The gun shot narrowly missed the officer who was still in the car, said Massacani, in a statement.  Moments later officers fired back and the suspect was hit.

The suspect and the victim he shot were taken to a hospital in critical condition, she said. No officer was hurt. The man wounded by the suspect died a few hours later, Massacani said. He was in his 30s. The suspect, who is in his 60s, remained hospitalized in critical condition, she said. Their names were not  immediately released.

Westbound lanes of PCH were closed while authorities investigated the shooting. By daybreak, PCH had been reopened, but a section of Pacific Avenue north of PCH remained closed. 

Officers could be seen conducting an investigation at a Mobil gas station near the intersection of PCH and Pacific, a news camera crew at the scene reported. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office also will investigate the shooting, Massacani said.

Reza Gostar contributed to this report.

John B. Greet April 19, 2012 at 07:29 PM
The worst nightmare of every single cop I know. Sorry to read that the victim succumbed to his injuries but glad the officers are ok. May the suspect ultimately recover so he might face the full force of justice he so richly deserves.
hoodnews April 25, 2012 at 01:03 AM
I heard that the cops shot BOTH guys & they're attempting to pin the murder on the guy who survived calling HIM the "suspect." There WAS plenty of surveillance video available for review... until the cops took it into their posession. If any police-misconduct occurred - whether it's a cop murdering somebody, or simply shooting a guy in the back as he was running away (as printed in multiple reports) - we will NEVER see ANY of the footage. I also heard on the street that authorities appeared uneasy about something during the investigation in the hours that followed the incident, and were supposedly overheard instructing one (or more) of the guys to "just say (the suspect) shot first, We'll get the tapes, so calm down." Is that true? Is something being covered up, or is evidence being tampered with? Your comment leads me to believe you're a judge, and you've already tried & convicted the "suspect," apparently. You obviously know nothing about our legal system, yet you feel confident enough to share your thoughts and feelings about something you know NOTHING about! I'm embarrassed for you. Think before you speak. Although, it now occurs to me that you're simply starved for attention... which is why you do this. And damn... you got what you wanted, so I guess you win. Now I'M embarrassed. Arrogant tool.
John B. Greet April 25, 2012 at 01:34 PM
@hood: Calm down there, buddy. You might consider re-reading my comment, particularly the part where I said: "May the suspect ultimately recover so he might face the full force of justice he so richly deserves." If that sounds to you as if I have tried and convicted anyone, then you simply aren't paying attention. All suspects deserve the justice of a fair trial, and to be able to confront witnesses and to see and challenge the evidence brought against them. This suspect may well eventually be completely exonerated, but that will either occur, or not, in a court of law, as our system of criminal justice requires. You seem to have a perception of justice that differs considerably from mine. i think that's kind of sad. I am no judge, but I do know quite a bit about our legal system, having worked within it for many years as a peace officer. Calling somsone a "suspect" does not in any way denote guilt. It simply means the person is suspected of having committed one or more crimes. To be completely accurate, the suspect is now considered a "defendant," because he has been arrested and now has the right to defend himself against the charges that will eventually be brought against him. Last thing. Petulant name calling serves no constructive purpose and has no place in civil discourse. If you care to have a civil and mature discussion, I'm more than happy to oblige.
Mike Ruehle April 25, 2012 at 05:33 PM
John B. Greet is a recently retired Long Beach police officer and consistent appologist for ALL police misconduct. Notice how Greet only said the SUSPECT and NOT the police must "face the full force of justice he so richly deserves." Apparently, the police NEVER make a mistake. Tell that to the Zerby family.
John B. Greet April 25, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Poor Ruehle, ever anxious to post his falsehoods and other fraudulent commentary. Always anxious to resort to offering insults, rather than having the intellectual courage necessary to attempt to deal with the merits of a person's arguments directly. I think Ruehle knows all to well that I have never apologized for *any* police misconduct, let alone "ALL" police misconduct. His accusation here is patently false. I think Ruehle knows, or reasonably should know, that I believe police officers do, indeed, make mistakes. I have said this many times in my public comments. Not all mistakes rise to the level of misconduct, however. When police officers do commit misconduct I want them fully and completely investigated and, if the allegations are proven true i want them dealt with appropriately. I have also said that before and I think Ruehle knows that as well. When a police officer's misconduct rises to the level of criminality, I want him or her arrested, booked, suspended, and if the charges warrant it, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the former police officer is convicted, I want him or her to serve the maximum sentence the law permits. I think Ruehle knows that I feel this way because I have said all of it many times before. The LBPD killing of Doug Zerby was and remains a tragic mistake. I have said this before as well. The mistake, while tragic, did not rise to the level of either misconduct or criminality. The civil suit proceeds.


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