Baby Seal Almost Struck by a Car - Near GameStop

A man almost hit the brown seal near a Carson commercial center across from Ikea. Sheriff's deputies safely cornered it for delivery to marine rescuers. How did pup voyage so far inland?

Swimming to Carson - who knew?

A baby brown seal made its way several miles from the ocean to this industrial Los Angeles County city where authorities said a driver narrowly missed hitting the pup in a commercial area not far from the giant Carson Ikea.

The seal near-miss happened at nearly midnight Feb. 9. At about that same time Sunday night, Feb. 17, the L.A. Sheriff's Department's e-mailed a news release.

Sheriff's Carson substation Lt. Christopher Bergner wrote that the near-miss happened on the southeast corner of Avalon Boulevard and Dominguez Street (see attached map). An address was not mentioned.

The nearest store appears to be GameStop (guessing this seal is male). Also nearby: Pep Boys, Just Tires and the massive blue and yellow Ikea shopping center.

The unnamed driver reported an 11:40 p.m. "traffic hazard." Because the words are so odd together, the direct quote bears repeating:

"Carson Station received a call regarding a 'traffic hazard' where the caller stated he almost hit a seal."

The news release continues: "Deputies ... found what appeared to be a baby seal roaming the business area on the southeast corner of Avalon Boulevard and Dominguez Street, in the city of Carson."

The seal, which would have to be the slowest roamer on no feet, probably flopped from the Dominguez Channel, which flows along the I-405 Freeway in that area, and scooched down the busy street. There were no details given about the seal's surroundings beyond the fact that deputies arrived to find it and kept it cornered in front of a business where it couldn't escape or be harmed or get into traffic again.

"Marine Animal Rescue was notified and quickly responded. They took possession of the seal, stating it was less than 1 year old and had probably got into the city of Carson through the Dominguez Channel," The Sheriff's Department announced. "The seal was transported to a rescue center for evaluation, pending its release.

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