Voices Being Heard to Make a Difference

Students in the Social Work 505 - Oppressed Groups: Social Policy Analysis class at California State University, Long Beach, share their opinions about the election results.

By Adriana Jimenez, Denise Betters, Jessica Lyons, Nancy Trinh and Unique Hayes

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, many hearts were racing and fingers crossed in hopes that our preferred presidential candidate would win the election to progressively change our nation for the better.  

It has been a week since the 2012 presidential elections, and many are still discussing how Florida declared President Obama the winner four days after Election Day. 

This year’s presidential election was a close call, which ultimately came down to electoral votes in Ohio. Once Ohio’s votes were accounted for, it became evident that our current President of the United States Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would be serving their second term.  

As young Democratic minority females who are social work graduate students, we feel that the right person won the election. The election results were of great satisfaction and joy to us and it is a relief that President Obama was re-elected for another four years.  

President Obama being re-elected for a second term brings hope to many minorities of the United States of America with the continuance of social welfare programs for those in need. Programs that were sure to be cut or defunded such as Planned Parenthood will also be given the opportunity to continue providing services to women in need. We see more opportunities in the future for ourselves and many others after graduation in the work force.   

Obama's decisive victory was unexpected and very telling. The results of the election showed that the county values the opportunity for change more than it fears any current economic or employment issues. It has been a difficult four years and we can be hopeful that growth will continue with President Obama in office. 

President Obama’s sincerity and compassion for the people of the United States have given those Americans hope for a brighter future under his leadership.

tiny November 14, 2012 at 10:25 PM
What is concerning, especially for graduates in the social sciences, will be finding a decent paying job going forward as both sides focus on cuts and taxes with their, in the box, dealing with this fiscal cliff.


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