Why We Need to Have Restrictions on Guns

Patch blogger and Poly High student takes on limiting guns in the wake of the Sandy Hook grade school attack that left the principal, a counselor teachers and 20 children fatally shot Friday morning.

Let me give you a scenario: a man walks into an elementary school in China, and a man walks into an elementary school in America. In one country all of the children who were shot die; in the other they all survived. Guess which country lost all of the victims due to the easy access to guns? The U.S.A.

In China, the man had a knife and therefore could not fatally injure the children.  As a high school student, this reminds me of the tragic Columbine School shooting in which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people and wounded 21 others.

I fear that if we don’t have some sort of restriction on guns, this could happen again as it has several times in the past. It says very clearly in the constitution that we are allowed to carry such weapons, but I say that we do differently.

The world around us is constantly changing and unless we adapt to it, America will become an outdated country. One of the changes I think we need is to have more restrictions on guns. Look at any other country and the death rates due to guns. In one year, guns killed 17 people in Finland, 35 in Australia, 39 in England and Wales, 60 in Spain, 194 in Germany, 200 in Canada and a whopping 9,484 in the United States, as said by the Brady Campaign.

In addition to deaths in the United States, the widely available access to guns contributes to firearms imports in other countries. But even if we did ban all guns in the United States, there are already so many in circulation that it wouldn’t matter if not one more gun was sold. If no more were made, this would also create a black market that would be very, very big.

Look at Mexico, they have restricted gun ownership to the home only for citizens and they run a huge black market of guns run by the drug cartels. We wouldn’t want any of that over here, we can’t even fight a war on drugs, let alone a war on guns.

What I think we need is a medium, a way to restrict sales but also not completely ban the sale of guns. We here in America love our guns and there would be huge backlash from the NRA and other such groups if it did happen.

This would be the perfect time in light of the Connecticute shooting that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults. These children never had the chance to grow up and enjoy all of the wonders of doing so along the way that my peers and I experience everyday.

The milestones of life they will not pass because they are in the ground. How many more will die for the “freedom” of owning a gun so insecure Americans can feel safe? Obviously many more because not much seems to be set in motion. 

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Jacqui Viale December 17, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Very well said. I agree with you.
John B. Greet December 17, 2012 at 03:03 PM
I think it would be very nice if the poor people of Newtown could have time to bury their dead before folks (of any stripe) start trying to politicize this horrific tragedy.


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