Year in Review: Top Story of the Year

Here is the top story of 2011 that had Shore resident's buzzing.

From Wednesday through Saturday, Belmont Shore Patch has been counting down the top stories, for better or worse, that had Shore residents buzzing in 2011. 

On Wednesday, we revealed : The untimely death of Mark Bixby, a tragic elevator accident at Long Beach State University, and the shifting of our earth's axis.

On Thursday, we revealed : The history of daylight savings time, Santa's journey across the world, and the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan, thought to have ill effects on the California coast.

On Friday, we revealed : The positives of daily alcohol intake, the fear of 'Carmageddon,' and the Queen Mary death that sent shockwaves throughout the city.

And Saturday, we reveal the Top Story of the Year...

Story No. 1 -

In undoubtedly one of the most horrific tragedies to ever occur near Long Beach, the Salon Meritage shooting will hardly be forgotten in Belmont Shore and neighboring towns. Eight people were killed in a shooting spree that received national attention and is still on the mind of Belmont Shore and Seal Beach residents today.


From us here at Patch, thanks for keeping up with our countdown and have a tremendous 2012!


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