'Whale Wars' Host Talks Dolphin Slaughter on Patch Columnist's Radio Program Today

Love him or hate him, Paul Watson is always provocative.

Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and star of Whale Wars on the Discovery Channel will be on Philip Friedman Outdoors Radio from 9-10 pm tonight (Thursday). You can tune in to AM 830 or listen live on the internet by going to www.AM830.net.

Watson will be talking about the dolphin slaughter in Taji Japan, the upcoming season of Whale Wars as well as many of his other causes. Many have criticized Watson for the methods he employs in protecting whales and other marine creatures. Earlier this year, rocker Ted Nugent vowed to kill 10 whales just to irritate Watson, whom Nugent claims is attacking a legitimate fishing industry.

Among other questions, Watson will be asked why the Japanese whale hunts seems to invoke so much more anger than the Norwegian hunt. Norway’s hunt just concluded and resulted in over 400 minke whales being killed. Should be great radio no matter how you feel about Watson.


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