'Parklet' Mysteriously Emerges on Second Street

In the street in front of George's Greek Cafe, the primary business interested in using parking spaces to extend dining, the City of Long Beach Sustainability office reportedly set up the parklet. But why?

Plopped in front of George's Greek Cafe Friday was what looked like a day camp that wandered from the Bay Shore beach and set up in parking spaces on Second Street.

Readers called or e-mailed Patch asking what the chairs in the street were for. We were reporting on the Endeavour and hadn't seen the encampment. But a reader sent in this photo from before noon, and the Press Telegram reports that the City of Long Beach's Office of Sustainability installed the temporary "parklet."

The story just doesn't say why it was done. Patch will follow up Monday, but in the meantime, did you see the makeshift "parklet" in the street, and what did you think?

When last we reported Aug. 15 on the Parklet concept--which has been done on Fourth Street and in other cities such as San Francisco as a way to add a micro pocket park--Patch learned of Naples businesses starting a petition drive to oppose the concept. One of the Naples merchants said businesses there were feeling pressured to support the idea. Click here to read that story and reaction.

 Opposition has been more vocal than support on the idea. Even other Second Street businesses oppose the idea, because parking is already impacted in Belmont Shore, they say.

In fact, parking's at such a premium that the Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Advisory Commission has used public funds to pay 50 cents a ride, or up to $15,000 a month, through February, 2013 to bus Shore employees for free.

The Grunion Gazette quoted Parking Commission Chair Bill Lorbeer on Long Beach Transit's report on the program's use: 800 employees signed up for free passes, and there had been 442 unique riders between Memorial Day weekend and July 25, 2012.

Of the free pass program, Lorbeer told the Grunion, “the purpose of this is to create the effect of an employee parking lot at a fraction of the cost.”



Mike Ruehle September 27, 2012 at 08:04 AM
Lisa, You are the one, not I, who claimed the city purchase of Frank Colonna's parking lot for $1.4 million provided "EXTRA PARKING." You act like you never said there is now "EXTRA PARKING," yet take me to task for mistating the purchase price. The following is your quote from below. "Lisa Ramelow 5:17 pm on Sunday, September 23, 2012 Mike, My response was intended to make some corrections & to express my viewpoint of gratitude for the EXTRA PARKING at the west end of 2nd St. where my business, La Strada is located." And Rich Archbald isn't a butt kisser???? He's the Editor of the Press Telegram that published my picture on the front page of a Sunday edition with a headline story about a DUI I had 2-years earlier, all because I was putting heat on DeLong, Rotondo, Lorbeer & Schnieter for their actions that were negatively impacting residents quality of life. Archbald chooses to NOT publish stories about murders and city workers who molest children, yet somehow thinks a residents association president's 2-year old DUI was Sunday front page news. Don't tell me the Press Telegram's Archbald doesn't perform the bidding of Foster & DeLong. Sorry to burst your ballon, but you wouldn't have received the award if not for their thumbs up. You keep claiming you never critisized me. I don't recall you critisizing me when I was dining in your restaurant. Yet, that didn't prevent you from writing nasty emails to others about me which you seem to have forgotten.
John B. Greet September 27, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Ruehle, I get that you have little, if anything, good or truly constructive to say about much of anything or anyone, anymore, least of all of what goes on along or around 2nd Street. Still, I think you really stoop very low when you call into question and denigrate Lisa's truly deserving community recognition as a PT-sponsored "Amazing Woman." Every one of those recipients (and so many others who were only nominated) are hugely deserving of the awards they received. http://www.presstelegram.com/news/ci_18906606 Debate, discussion, and disagreement are all well and good, but your impugning of Lisa's entirely unsolicited recognition cheapens and insults all of the *other* very deserving recipients as well. It really is just classless and such tactics really are beneath you, or should be.
Mike Ruehle September 27, 2012 at 08:22 PM
First, Lisa tells me to get MY facts straight. Never mind her conflict of interest. So I research the "fact" further and find out it was actually worse than I had stated. Then LISA realizes SHE made a mistake, but doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to admit it. Nor does she respond to questions about whether her landlord and former Councilman Colonna received a $1.4 million gift of TAXPAYER MONEY. Award winning and unquestionable Lisa jumped in critisizing me and I'm not supposed to be able to defend my comments to HER???? Yeah right. A big part of the reason she won the award is because she kowtows to the big boys. Most people forget it is their constitutional responsibility to question their government's actions, but fail in this responsibility because they shy away from any sort of conflict. They don't have the intestinal fortitude to do so. Then there are others who critisize people who question their government's actions in attempt to garnish favor from those questioned. It's that pat on the head from their master they seek. I find it both comical and hypocritical when someone publicly complains about another person's comments that are not positive, as if they have a corner on free speech and the method it must be conducted. In a free world, if you don't like my comments, kindly not read them.
John B. Greet September 27, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Ruehle clearly never got the lesson that most folks got during their own childhood: "Just because you can say a thing, doesn't mean you always should." As mentioned, Ruehle, debate, discussion, and disagreement are all well and good, but your impugning of Lisa's entirely unsolicited recognition cheapens and insults all of the *other* very deserving recipients as well. It really is just classless and such tactics really are beneath you, or should be. There was no reason to bring up Lisa's award at all. She certainly didn't do so, and it seems clear that the only reason *you* chose to mention it was to use the point to offer insult where none was rightly deserved. Yes you are entitled to your freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes a certain degree of responsibility. You recurrently abuse your freedom in this regard and then complain that you have every right to say the many inaccurate and nasty things with which you routinely lash out at people who happen to disagree with you. Try to be just a little more responsible...more civil...for a change, will you, and stop so abusing that precious right to free speech you have been blessed with.
Lisa Ramelow September 28, 2012 at 05:08 AM
Mike, I never told you to “get your facts straight”, I simply pointed out that yours were incorrect. Nor did I take you “to task” for getting the price incorrect. I don’t care about the price; I actually think it was a good price for 2 lots, and a great way to spend taxpayer money. I don’t consider it a “gift” to anyone. It was a payment for a piece of property that one family was wise enough to purchase years earlier. I corrected your facts about the parking lot size, and about your determined opinion of my feelings on parklets, which happened to be 100 % incorrect. There was no criticism of you whatsoever; that is simply the way in which you chose to take it. Here is what a dignified response (in my opinion) would have looked like: “Thank you Lisa, for letting me know that the parking lot has helped you even though you and I disagree about it. And, I apologize for accusing you of supporting parklets when in fact you don’t.” It might be our constitutional right to question our government’s actions, but doing so in an undignified and unrefined way does not help one’s case. And, like I said previously, actually DOING something besides writing things to editorial forums, e.g., going out into the community to help is much more rewarding. Would you like to try volunteering with me? It does take a bit of intestinal fortitude to rappel off a building to raise money for Special Olympics. Let me know if you would like to join me.


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