Meet the Readers' Choice Winners of 2012

From hair salon to yoga studio, happy hour to pizza parlor, readers voted their favorites in our first year "best of Belmont Shore-Naples" poll.

There is so much to celebrate about Belmont Shore-Naples businesses, and Patch asked you this summer to pick some of your favorites, from food and drink to services and shopping categories, in our first big Readers' Choice 2012 Awards.

Congratulations to the winners. In Belmont Shore, every business is a winner.

Here are the results.

--Best Gym, Fitness Center or Trainer

1st place: Executive Fitness 2nd place:

 --Best Sushi

1st place, 2nd place Naples Sushi

--Best Women's Clothing Store

1st place: 2nd place:

 --Favorite Martial Arts Studio

1st Place: Power of One

-- Best Hair Salon

Four-way tie for first: Soma, , Wally's Barbershop, Bella Salon of Naples.

-- Best Gift Buying Location

Note: we had some glitches on this poll and thank your patience, and also got more votes via e-mail, but in the end:

1st place: Apostrophe Books, 2nd place: four-way tie: Z Fabrique, Luna, Blue Windows, Fern's Garden.

--Best Family Friendly Place

1st place: George's Greek Cafe

--Favorite Bar or Pub

1st place: tie, and Crow's Cocktails

--Best Happy Hour

Tie: Baja Sonora and Murphy's Pub

--Best Health Food Store

1st place only: Whole Foods

--Best Nail Salon

1st Place: two-way tie, Nail Art and Fingers and Toes

--Favorite Wine Store

1st place: Bev Mo, tie for 2nd: Trader Joe's and

Best Pizza Place

1st place: Simmzy's, 2nd place: Domenico's 3rd:

--Favorite Bartender

1st Place: A.J. at Murphy's Pub

Favorite Yoga Studio

1st place, The Belmont Athletic Club, 2nd place, Purple Yoga

Fatima Reep August 27, 2012 at 06:09 PM
I would like to see "Travel Agency" added to this Choice Award. Please consider. Fatima Reep, President - First Ticket Travel, Inc. 5848 E. Naples Plaza Suite 205, Long Beach, CA. 90803 ph: 562 439-1786 fax: 562 4396731
Watts August 27, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Simmzy's for best pizza and Upper Crust isn't even in the top three? If you want to know why California isn't known for good pizza, it would appear that the main reason is that people can't even recognize a good pizza from a bad pizza. So why put in the effort? Simmzy's pizza is awful. Domenico's is just OK, at best. Only Michaels on that list is legitimately good. But the most authentic East Coast pie is found at Upper Crust. That is an excellent pizza and one of the few examples of such pizza in the whole city and surrounding area.
Nancy Wride August 27, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Let's hear from ya next year, as readers do the nominating! Thank you Fatima.
Nancy Wride August 27, 2012 at 10:19 PM
it is my family's personal favorite, as I noted. (I also like the building, which used to house Bronx Bagels, which to me were the best for miles).


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