Home Depot Runs Holiday Light Trade-In

Customers will be able to trade in their old strands of lights for discounted new or energy efficient lights. Check our map for your nearest location.

For many of us, Thanksgiving dinner should be the absolute earliest a December decoration should leave the garage for display. But attention early shoppers:

For a fourth year in a row, Home Depot is running a Christmas light trade-in promotion from now through Nov. 14.

Customers will be able to bring in their old Christmas lights, working or not, to be recycled and receive coupons in exchange. The coupons vary from $3 to $5 in value and can be used to purchase energy efficient seasonal strings of LED lights.

Local stores can be found  in Signal Hill at 751 Spring St. and 2450 Cherry Ave., in Lakewood at 5000 Hardwick St. and in Cypress at 5800 Lincoln Ave.


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