Gelson’s to Replace Albertsons at Second and PCH

The market coming in 2013 will be the first Gelson’s in Belmont Shore and in Long Beach.

Gelson’s Market will be opening its first store in the Long Beach area on the corner of PCH and East Second Street in the same location curretly occupied by Alberstons.

The announcement came amid news of the company’s plans to close 18 other Albertsons for poor performace--including another Long Beach store located at 644 Redondo Street and Seventh Street, which is slated to shut its doors in November.

It also comes after the store announced layoffs earlier this year, as Patch reported in a previous article.

However, the Belmont Shore Alberstons store isn’t closing shop on the orders of its parent company, Supervalu Inc., but rather after lengthy negotiations over the lease failed, Alberstons spokesperson Lilia Rodriguez, told Gazettes.com.

“In light of the property owner signing an agreement with a different company, Albertsons will be closing,” Rodriguez said in an email to Gazettes.com. “We are very disappointed with this unexpected outcome; however, we will remain focused on serving our guests until early next year.”

The new Gelson’s store will open in March 1 of 2013 at 6255 E. Second St. after an extensive remodeling, as stated on Gelson’s web site.

“We are very eager to expand into Long Beach, it’s a natural fit for Gelson’s and we are excited to be a part of the community there,” said Rob McDougall, Gelson’s President, in a statement.

Gelson’s is considered a high-end supermarket and has annual sales of nearly $413 million, according to the Press-Telegram (read more here...)

Watts October 02, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Awesome! Gelson's deli counter is one of the best that I have ever seen. Same with their selection of prepared meals that just require heating at home. Now that intersection, between Gelson's Trader Joe's and the best Ralph's in the area, will fill any possible grocery needs.
Nancy Wride (Editor) October 02, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I remember spending a decent amount of money at their deli in a prior city. I'm an Albertson's shopper, though, and I will miss them. The people there are just so friendly and have worked there for years. The Ralph's parking seems easier now than many years ago?
Carol Bell October 03, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Is Gelson's market Union?
KE Briscoe October 03, 2012 at 03:57 PM
I just wonder what they will put at the Albertsons on Redondo at 7th Street. Anyone know?
Shawn Pearson October 03, 2012 at 07:50 PM
I miss Alph-Beta (7th and Redondo) and Lucky (PCH & 2nd). Gelson's is trying to muscle its way into the upscale marketplace but, what the area really needs is a full-service Fresh & Easy!
Nancy Wride (Editor) October 03, 2012 at 09:03 PM
I would love one closer to us, Shawn, and I think Seal Beach's might be closest to that intersection, although there are F & E stores elsewhere in LB.
LBC Resident October 04, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Did you know that Gelsons bought out the bank and Hof's Hut (but shhhhh. The employees don't know that yet, as they haven't been told.). I, for one, will never go to that store given this information. First, we lose Hof's on 2nd for a Lucille's. Now we're going to lose the one on PCH for expensive groceries? No thanks. I can go to Ralph's for that.
longbeachgal March 08, 2013 at 10:12 PM
i loved the convenience and BofA ATM inside the Albertson's on 2nd & PCH.Gelson's is just an overpriced grocery store-- have they heard about the current recession? i wont shop there simply to say "I got it at Gelson's"--- yes they have a great deli and gourmet type foods, but their standard groceries are far more expensive than Alberson's even if they claim to have end-cap sales, etc. I'm disappointed it's a Gelson's and not a Fresh and Easy


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