Gateway Signs Off Today's Parking Commission Agenda

The commissioners last month continued to today a recommended vote for $55,000 in engineering studies for the suggested advertising signs.

The large gateway signs that were proposed by the Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Advisory Commission for discussion at its 8 a.m. meeting today will  not be voted on and do not appear on the agenda.

Engineering studies for an estimated $55,000 had been recommended for approval at last month's commission meeting, despite some questions and concerns by businesses and residents about their size, necessity and cost. After two hours, last month's meeting had 10 minutes remaining when Chair Bill Lorbeer suggested the signs proposal be continued until today's meeting.

Lorbeer could not be reached. He has said he does not know what the final cost of the signs might be at such a early point but that studies could ultimately cost $200,000 to $300,000. It was not clear who had hired the architect who presented renderings to the Belmont Heights Community Assn. last month. Third District Council Member Gary DeLong, responding to complaints on Patch about the signs, wrote that he would not be supporting the cost, which would require City Council approval,  absent more community support for them.


On the agenda are proposed tree purchases and questions about how they will impact available parking, and a city study on the viability of the Long Beach Transit District operating a shuttle bus service; the shuttle would deliver 2nd Street employees from an offsite spot to the commercial center to reduce the Shore's parking shortages.


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