Belmont Shore Business Assn. Elects New Leadership

The board of directors are elected for two-year terms, and Tuesday convened to choose executives of the group representing 250 businesses. Polly's owner will serve as president.

The 250 businesses of Belmont Shore will have a new team of leaders as of Tuesday, but they're all familiar names, starting with Polly's Gourmet Coffee owner Mike Sheldrake.

At the annual Belmont Shore Business Association's election meeting Tuesday, the board of directors was elected by the membership, and the board then chose its executive board for the 2012-2013 terms.

Sheldrake, now president, sat down with Patch back when he was VP of promotions for the BSBA, and shared why Polly's is special, and his approach to being what feels like a personable small town business.

I tell my staff ... the product we’re selling is how you feel when you walk in the building. And that’s what the independent operator can provide against the chain store, because we try to personalize the experience for each individual customer," Sheldrake told Patch a year ago today, Sept. 25.

"It’s also important to be part of the community," he added.

(Read more about him here).

Dede Rossi, executive director of the BSBA, sent the results of the association election. The board of directors serve two-year terms, and the executive board members serve one year:

 Frank Colonna - Colonna Realty 2011-13

Stacia Hanley - Frosted Cupcakery- VP of Promotions - 2011-13

Eric Johnson - Legends - 2011-13

John Morris - Legends - 2012-14

Matt Pederson - Legends - 2012-14

Alexis Rabenn - Quinn's Pub - 2012-14

Lisa Ramelow - La Strada - 2011-13

Mike Sheldrake - Polly's Gourmet Coffee - President - 2011-13

Dave Shlemmer - Shlemmer Investments - VP of Finance - 2011-13

Joy Starr - The Rubber Tree - Secretary - 2012-14

Richard Stahl - Union Bank - Treasurer - 2011-13

Tula Trigonis - Salon Soma - 2012-14    

From the BSBA's mission statement, also included on Tuesday's announcement:

The purpose of the Belmont Shore Business Association is to form a common bond among business owners located in and around the Belmont Shore area whose goals are to promote, protect, and maintain prosperity for the Belmont Shore Community. This association is for its members and the immediate community, providing a united front to express opinions, protect tranquility and promote a better understanding among merchants, institutions, professionals, as well as residents.

Mike Ruehle September 26, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Shouldn't the headline be BSBA RE-elects SAME leadership?
Nancy Wride September 26, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Hence the first paragraph: "but they're all familiar names, starting with Polly's Gourmet Coffee owner Mike Sheldrake."
John B. Greet September 26, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Shouldn't people who *constantly* find fault with the work product of others make at least a *token* attempt at trying to do the same or similar work themselves at least *once* in their lives?


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