Report to Analyze Impact of 405 Expansion/Toll Road Proposal

An environmental report due out this week will analyze the effects of proposals to add more lanes to the 405 or to add a toll road to the freeway.

The environmental impact report for San Diego (405) Freeway expansion  improvements between the 73 toll road and the San Gabriel (605) Freeway will be released Friday, and public hearings start June 4.

The draft environmental report will be available online on the Caltrans website: www.dot.ca.gov/dist12/405/index.htm.The following public hearings -- which will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. --are scheduled:

  • June 4 at the Orange Coast College Student Center, 2701 FairviewRoad in Costa Mesa;
  • June 6 at the Westminster Community Services Facility, 8200Westminster Ave. in Westminster;
  • June 7 at Rush Park Auditorium, 3021 Blume Drive in Rossmoor
  • June 14 at the Fountain Valley Senior Center, 17967 Bushard St. inFountain Valley.  

Proposed improvement include adding a lane in each direction, adding twolanes  in each direction, adding a general purpose lane and a toll lane ineach direction that would be managed together with the existing carpool lane,or a no-build alternative.

The 405 is one of the busiest freeways anywhere, with sections handlingupward of 300,000 vehicles per day. Caltrans and the OCTA estimate trafficvolume will increase about 35 percent by 2040.

Members of the public can submit comments on the environmental report to Smita Deshpande, Caltrans District 12 at 2201 Dupont Drive, Suite 200,Irvine, Ca., 92612, or by email at 405.dedcomments.parsons@parsons.com.

- City News Service

Bruce Scheuermann May 22, 2012 at 10:39 PM
How does a state in dire financial straights even think of something like this, another example of California liberals gone wild. Might not the money be better spent on mass transit?. If we had the money.
Nancy Wride May 23, 2012 at 03:47 AM
Mass transit from where to where? Metrolink, or OCTD?
John B. Greet May 23, 2012 at 01:45 PM
I drive that section of the 405, in both directions, often and it can definitely use some expansion. I think the best expansion freeway solution, in most cases, is building up, creating an elevated section inside the existing freeway footprint. It doesn't appear that this option is on the table in this case. Like Bruce, I am a major proponent of mass transit as well, but I don't think our prevailing So. Cal. culture will ever fully adopt mass transit in the way that other communities in different places in the nation and the world have. In either case I am not interested in deepening our state's debt by so much as one more penny. We really need to get our financial house in order. Once we have done that, we will have money for major infrastructure projects like these again.


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