International Talk Like a Pirate Day Hat Ye Can Make

For our Craft of the Week, Patch offers a simple project, for ye not be a pirate without a hat.

Crafts are a great way to exercise your artistic side but they are also very useful at bringing people together. Each week, we will post a simple and easy project for your enjoyment. This is a great opportunity for you to reconnect with your friends and family while enjoying a weekly craft night. 

Paper Pirate Hat

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of the internet's most beloved days. It is your best excuse to practice your terrible pirate impression, pose like Captain Morgan, and make "booty" jokes without shame. But no pirate would be complete without a pirate hat. This do-it-yourself pirate hat craft is quick, easy, and customizable. But best of all, it will make your rendition of "Ahoy, matey!" that much more believable. 

The steps shown in this tutorial use a paper grocery bag to make a child-sized hat. If ye seekin' a hat for a larger pirate, use a newspaper with the same steps provided.

What You Need

  • Paper 
  • Grocery Bag (child hat) or Newspaper (adult hat) 
  • Scissors 
  • Marker 

Step 1
Cut open the bag so that you are left with the large front panel.

Step 2
Carefully remove the handles.

Step 3
Fold the panel in half along the width of the paper.

Step 4
Fold the two corners to the center. Because your started with a rectangle panel, the folded corners should leave with some excess space at the bottom.

Step 5
Fold the bottom excess up and over the corners as shown.

Step 6
Repeat Step 5 for the reverse side of the hat.

Step 7
Use your marker or other embellishments to decorate the face of your pirate hat. Start with skull and cross bone and see what else you can add. 

Step 8
Put on your pirate hat and say "ARRRGH!"


Fun Tip: Use these steps to make pirate hats of all different colors and sizes for today's International Talk Like a Pirate Day or any other pirate-themed events.


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