Wood Fireplaces Off-Limits on Friday

Orange, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire are affected.

Wood burning fireplaces can't be used on no-burn day. Credit/Patch
Wood burning fireplaces can't be used on no-burn day. Credit/Patch

Wood-fired heating will be prohibited starting at midnight tonight in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach and lasting 24 hours, though the end of Friday, because of high smog levels and stagnant air.

The “no burn day” order will be in effect in Orange, greater Los Angeles County and much of the Inland Empire, with a few exceptions, said officials at the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Persons who have wood as their sole source of heat, or those living above the 3,000-foot elevation, are exempt. Also exempt are persons with low income.

It’s the first no-burn order of the month and the fourth over the past month.

Persons seeking information about the order can check out airalerts.org and enter their zip codes.

darel talbot January 03, 2014 at 12:17 PM
If they are so concerned about high levels of pollution then perhaps THE IDIOTS SHOULD STOP THE CHEM TRAILS that soar across the skies morning noon and night. WAKE UP PEOPLE... WE AREN'T THE PROBLEM...People are using our tax dollars to kill us then they have the frickin nerve to tell us not to light a fire in the fireplace.


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