Share Where Your Girl Scouts Are Selling Cookies

Post in our events calendar when and where your troop plans to set up sales tables, and help customers find you locally for their spur-of-the-moment cravings.

Calling all Girl Scouts: If you are planning to sell cookies this weekend, or on a weeknight, let Patch help you connect with your buyers. Post your sales events on our calendar.

Scene: Second Street, Belmont Shore, outside Chase Bank. It's a sunny Saturday afternoon and Girl Scout cookies are moving off the portable table fast. Brownies are the actual sales team in this case. 

Suddenly, the Big Red Bus pulls to the curb for passenger loading, and 20 or 30 slightly toasted riders start cheering and applauding Brownies. And hollering for price quotes. The double decker bus pulls away. Twenty feet later, screech.

"Yaaaaaayyyyy!," the girls say, clasping their hands as buyers trot over. And - kaching! - the impulse buys are made.

So you might have already ordered your Girl Scout cookies in advance. They might already be long gone, if you're like some people we know. (Definitely not us, we are eating one Trefoil a day, slowly).

So Girl Scout Troop leaders: Go to our calendar of events listings. Then e-mail me, the editor, so I can feature it: Nancy.wride@patch.com

It's easy, and will take you 60 seconds or less, especially if you are on a cookie sugar high.

And for grown ups, check out our wine pairings for Girl Scout cookies in the links below.




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