Business Assn. President to Speak to Residents

The Belmont Shore Business Association's newly-elected president will be the featured speaker at the Belmont Shore Residents Association's meeting Thursday night.

This month's Belmont Shore Residents Association is holding meeting Thursday night will feature a man perhaps better known as the ever-present Polly's Gourmet Coffee owner.

The monthly meeting is from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Bay Shore Library Thursday will feature special guest speaker Mike Sheldrake, who will discuss “The importance of Cooperation.”

Sheldrake was recently elected as president of the Belmont Shore Business Association and will now oversee 250 area businesses during his two-year post. Owner of Pollys Gourmet Coffee, for more than two decades, Sheldrake has long been a presence in the Belmont Shore community.

“It’s ... important to be part of the community,” Sheldrake told Patch in a previous interview, when he was vice president of the BSBA.

“We donate to local charities; I’m a guest lecturer at Cal State Long Beach. I’m also the Vice President in charge of promotion for the Belmont Shore Business Association, on the committee that does such events as the annual car show and Southern California’s largest Christmas parade,” he said. 

Other items to be discussed as the meeting include the recent Long Beach Marathon and upcoming events such as the Annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade with Vendor & Adoption Fair October 27 and the October 28 30 Minute Beach Cleanup.

Click here to view the agenda. Participation by local residents is encouraged.

BSRA meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at the Bay Shore Library, located 195 Bay Shore Ave. For more information, click here.

Mike Ruehle October 11, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Does “The importance of Cooperation” include Sheldrake banning me from Belmont Shore BUSINESS Association Meetings when I was Belmont Shore RESIDENT'S Association President. Sheldrakes version of "Cooperation" is, do what I say or I will retaliate. Sheldrake is on the record numerous times speaking before city council in support of issues opposed by residents. I guess when the top Resident's Association leadership changes out, they can just forget Sheldrake's actions in the past might lead one to believe he is not about cooperation.
John B. Greet October 12, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Based upon the often ill-mannered way in which you have conducted yourself during various public meetings, banning you (if that's truly what happened) was probably one of the very best things the BSBA could have done to advance efforts toward inter-group cooperation in Belmont Shore. I wonder if you don't suffer from a slightly inflated perception of your significance and influence during your time as BSRA President? By your own admission, the BSRA's peak membership during your tenure was 800 residents. If true, that was only about 10% of the total resident population in Belmont Shore at the time. One might reasonably question whether you truly represented the interests of the vast majority of Belmont Shore residents when you presided over the BSRA. One *might* conclude that all you truly represented was a relatively small but vocal minority of Belmont Shore residents who apparently enjoyed your confrontational, sarcastic, and thoroughly counter-productive style of "leadership".
Mike Ruehle October 12, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Please tell me exactly which meetings you personally attended while I was BSRA President that you personally witnessed what you claim. You can't because it didn't occur. What I've said and done since I was BSRA president and NOT representing the residents organization is an entirely different story that you choose not to distinguish.
John B. Greet October 12, 2012 at 07:49 PM
I have what I consider to be the great good fortune to have *never* attended a meeting over which you were trusted to preside, Ruehle. Still, those are not the only public meetings you have attended or at which you have spoken. Are they? "What I've said and done since I was BSRA president and NOT representing the residents organization is an entirely different story that you choose not to distinguish." Sorry, Ruehle. When I first started catching your public speaking acts, you were still BSRA President. You always seemed to take great pride -particularly when speaking before the Council, which you did often- in inferring that you were speaking on behalf of your "community" (of some 8,000) rather than just the BSRA "organization" (of about 800, at its peak). No, Ruehle, you've been insulting and alientaing your various audiences for years, both as BSRA President and since. “The importance of Cooperation”, Ruehle? You, of all people, critiquing someone else on that topic? Really?


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