Watch: It's Groundhog's Day, Long Beach Style

Oh sure let others stalk Phil for a woodchuck's predictions. Here in the LBC, we have the legend of the Groundhog's Day Sprinkler, and yes, it does have its own YouTube channel, thank you.

Let others tail the legendary groundhog Phil for when spring will come -- and we'll help with this link to a live feed. Here at the Long Beach CA Patch newsroom, we were Googling for our favorite Bill Murray scenes from the movie "Groundhog's Day" and stumbled instead upon one by the City of Long Beach Water Department.

"The Legend of the Groundhog's Day Sprinkler?" you may ask. What the what?

Watch for yourself, and learn how you can tell whether you can wait six weeks to start watering your lawn, and also factoids like 200 gallons of water an hour Long Beach residents may be wasting by premature watering. As the black and white video says, "if a shadow appears in the bright of day, then the water from sprinklers should stay away."

But we want you to enjoy some real traditional Groundhog's Day fun. So also enjoy one of our favorite Bill Murray scenes in the classic movie. And tell us --better yet post us - your own favorite clips.  

And for students in the Southland: Guess when the tortoise will emerge at the Living Desert Museum

Here, we have some Groundhog's Day Trivia. 


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