Belmont Shore Crime Data: A Robbery, 2 Asssaults

The most common crime in Belmont Shore last month was theft. But 2 assaults were reported on Second Street, including assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery near a residential corner.

Crime data for Belmont Shore has been released for the month of Oct. 2012, shared by the Long Beach Police Department with the Belmont Shore Residents Assn. An officer is usually attending the monthly Thursday night meeting, and fills in more details. The following is a chronological list of addresses and the type of crime that occurred at each location. If you know of additional information, please tell us in comments, so that our community stays informed, and safet. 

Oct. 1 – 3800 block Livingston Dr. – breaking and entering

Oct. 1 – 5000 block E 2nd St. – theft

Oct. 1 – 1 block Park Ave. – theft from vehicle

Oct. 1 – 200 block Nieto Ave. – traffic

Oct. 2 – 5200 block E 2nd St. – theft

Oct. 2 – E 1st St. and Pomona Ave. – robbery

Oct. 5 – 100 block La Verne Ave. – theft

Oct. 5 – 1 block 54th Pl. – breaking and entering

Oct. 6 – 1 block Bennett Ave. – theft

Oct. 6 – 200 block Nieto Ave. – theft from vehicle

Oct. 7 – 1 block Covina Ave. – theft from vehicle

Oct. 7 – 100 block Prospect Ave. – theft from vehicle

Oct. 8 – 100 block Argonne Ave. – theft from vehicle

Oct. 8 – 1 block Prospect Ave. – theft

Oct. 10 – 100 block Bennett Ave. – property crime

Oct. 11 – 3900 block E Ocean Blvd. – property crime

Oct. 12 – 5100 block The Toledo – theft from vehicle

Oct. 14 – 200 block Corona Ave. – theft

Oct. 15 – 1 block Argonne Ave. – breaking and entering

Oct. 19 – 5300 block E 2nd St. – theft

Oct. 19 – Ximeno Ave and E 1st St. – traffic

Oct. 19 – E 2nd St. and Nieto Ave. – traffic

Oct. 19 – 4900 block E 2nd St. – theft

Oct. 20 – 4000 block E 1st St. – breaking and entering

Oct. 20 – 5300 block E 2nd St. – assault with a deadly weapon

Oct. 20 – 100 block St. Joseph Ave. – property crime

Oct. 22 – 5700 block E Ocean Blvd. – traffic

Oct. 22 – Glendora Ave. and E 1st St. – traffic

Oct. 25 – E 2nd St. and Bay Shore Ave. – traffic

Oct. 25 – 5200 block E 2nd St. – theft

Oct. 28 – 200 block La Verne Ave. – theft

Oct. 28 – 5200 block E 2nd St. – assault

Oct. 30 – 200 block Glendora Ave. - traffic

lv2bsnwbrdn November 13, 2012 at 04:01 PM
I assume this is higher than usual crime for Belmont Shore. Is this the case?
John Palmero November 13, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Much higher. I hope something is done to figure out why. Of course part of the problem is that few home owners keep their outdoor lights on at night.
Mike Ruehle November 14, 2012 at 03:14 AM
John, where are you getting your information? There were 65 crimes committed in Belmont Shore in September and 61 in August according to police statistics per the below link. Belmont Shore's reporting districts are 530, 571, 572 and 583. http://www.longbeach.gov/police/statistics.asp The crime data has not been posted yet on the police website for the month of October. Once it is done, I will be surprised if the information provided above by the police department matches up with the real crime data. A rule of thumb is that when the police department reports crime data, it is when there has been a low crime month.
pauloflongbeach November 21, 2012 at 07:59 PM
this is pauloflongbeach@yahoo there is just no see-able crime around Belmont Shore the turth is that the false reports. from Crank callers. untrue. whatever that means. sence it means to much. like me going to washington DC on Dec.1 2012 for actor relife sence my DEDE is dead and dosen't live in the old house of the real DEDE. I would know I am your Fancy homeless mayor. as girl guy. when realy I have balls
pauloflongbeach November 21, 2012 at 08:01 PM
lol Belmont Shore cry babies when I was at the Hotel in Los Angles
lv2bsnwbrdn November 21, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Paul, does this only make sense to you? What the___?


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